Green Miller produces high quality natural  feed and food ingredients, for feed serves to society with its
“Green is Growth” Approach. Being a third generation business in agro sector with more then 50 Years of experience we have been leading suppliers of certified organic ingredients to importers, traders and feed mills worldwide. Our growing range of organic ingredients including dry edible beans to processed meal, flour is moving us ahead to the growing world of organics. We are based in Indore city of India but connected to the globe with its vast and loyal customers that believe in Green Miller’s product quality and exquisite services.


Green Means Growth and Growth is life. Green Miller Believes in Growth of everyone and that is what our mission is. From farmers, to traders, to buyers, to end users everyone deserves growth of themselves and Green Miller ensures every possible effort then can, to make this possible.


Green Miller’s Integrity and Quality, and that is what we call it as our company’s “IQ” and which keeps us growing and moving. We believe in Integrity of business at every step with and give utmost importance to our business ethics and loyalty towards our customers. Quality is the Pillar and Reason of our Existence and functions as our company backbone.


Green World is our vision and for us Green is Growth. Our vision is to make world a Green Place with no harm to our environment, soil and earth which keeps us alive. We believe that every single person in this world want world to be a Green Place and we would be lucky if we can add any of our effort to this. We think that Sustainable farming is one of the good effort in this mission and we aim to improve environment and a happy and improved life of small and poor farmers through this.


Green Miller International (agri commodities)  is producer, manufacturer, trader and exporter of bulk organic ingredients and plant based protein. Green Miller is associated with small farmer groups for their organic crop production under the rules and regulations of certification agencies and agriculture advisors who guide farmers for production of organic ingredients without use of pesticides and harmful chemicals. At times, Green Miller arranges training sessions to farmers for better production.
Post production, our team of industry experiences professionals keeps a keen eye track from hygiene and cleaning of cargo before dispatch to customers.

With the time, group has also entered into Polymers business with in form of Import, Trading & Contract Manufacturing.


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